Your health
is our specialty

Improving the health,
happiness, and dignity of
senior living residents

Happy and healthy is timeliness

Everyone deserves to feel their best. That’s why Curana Health partners
with senior living communities around the country to provide in-room
rounding, on-site clinics, and health plans designed for older adults.

Residents enjoy the convenience. Facility operators appreciate
the support. We love seeing our communities thrive.

What makes us unique?

 Innovative partnership models that empower
senior living communities to provide exceptional
care and add value to their communities.

Outstanding clinical team

Powerful data analytics and technology

Close collaboration with community staff

Value-based care programs, including Medicare Advantage plans, MSSP ACO, and REACH ACO

Powerful partners in care

  • "Having a nurse practitioner and a doctor from Curana Health on our facility campus is extremely beneficial. One benefit is that they coordinate care with and support our facility clinical staff. We have one or both of them here for five days out of the week, and they’re on-call all of the time. Preventing unnecessary hospitalizations has been a major plus for us. For example, if an odd lab comes back, they’re able to look through it and decide if the resident needs fluids. If that’s the case, the Curana Health providers are able to get the patient set up with fluids without leaving their home."

    Lan Richardson


    Camelot of Broussard

  • “It’s great working with Julie. She’s a Vanderbilt, scholarly lady, super smart. She has a great relationship with NP and floor nurses. She takes call at all hours and is more dedicated than she should be. She’s awesome. Julie works with us on financial matters, to get alternative medicines that insurance will cover. She works hand-in-hand with the Veterans Affairs department and does everything that she can to care for the patient.”

    Brock N


    River Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

  • "The bottom line is, it’s the best thing for the residents. When they have problems, they can be addressed immediately. If a resident needs to be seen, they can be seen almost immediately and without having to leave their home."

    Mary Ann Dubois

    Corporate Nurse

    Corporate Management Company

  • “The Curana Health providers go above and beyond to assist us with our needs. They’re very knowledgeable in areas of care relevant to our residents. They’re always helpful, always available, always willing to collaborate with us to make sure our residents get the best care.”

    Kyla P

    Executive Director

    Camelot of Broussard | Assistant Living


 Let us help you thrive

Through our collaborative care approach, Curana Health actively partners with facilities, communities, and healthcare professionals to dramatically improve how care is delivered to patients in senior living communities.

Our care delivery model solves the challenges seniors face accessing healthcare benefits by creating seamless communication between patients, families, and providers. 

Our partners:

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Assisted Living

Memory Care

Life Plan Communities / CCRCs

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