On-site Clinical Care


Up late thinking about your residents? We are too!

As a facility operator, the health and wellbeing of your residents is always top of mind. Comfort, convenience, and best-in-class care are our priorities as well.

That’s why we meet your residents where they are – providing exceptional care in their residence, virtually, or at one of our on-site clinics.


Where healthcare and hospitality meet

You provide a great place to live. We provide great care. Together, we’re transforming senior living through a collaborative value-based care model.

By integrating ourselves with your staff, we know if a resident isn’t feeling well and didn’t make it to Bingo that day. We’re on campus and can see if she has a limp or a lingering cold. We also have best-in-class technology and analytics to alert providers of early onset of diseases or illnesses.

Our embedded clinician care model can help you:

  • Attract more residents
  • Extend your staff without adding to your payroll
  • Reduce hospital admission rates
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Improve your census as residents stay in place longer

Who says healthcare can’t be fun?!

On top of proving outstanding clinical care, Curana Health
aligns with your facility to engage residents with:

Is an on-site clinic right for your community?

In addition to in-residence rounding, we also provide on-site clinics
based on the size and needs of your community. We handle everything
from signage, equipment, supplies, and even the ribbon-cutting!

But don’t take our word for it!
Hear what our partners have to say…

Tell us about your community!

We’d love to hear about your residents and
welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

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