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Healthy residents make a happy community

Imagine a health plan designed exactly for your community. One that meets the unique needs of your residents and brings in a new revenue stream so you can continue providing best-in-class care.

With Curana Health, your residents have access to an affordable health plan with extra benefits, enhanced on-site care, and a personal Care Ally serving as a single point of contact to help schedule appointments, manage transitions of care, and coordinate with families, residents, and staff.



14 states

39% reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rate


We put you in the driver’s seat

Our Medicare Special Needs plans are the vehicles to providing exceptional coverage for value-based services. Members get the care they deserve when they need it most.

Partner with us by:

Joining our health plan. Interested in the benefits of value-based care for your community but are not ready for full risk? Our plan, Align Senior Care, is the path for you.

Starting your own health plan. Ready to start your own plan but need a strategic and operational partner? We’re here for you.

Creating a new health plan, together. Unsure which direction to take? We’ll meet you where you are and create a solution that meets your community’s goals.

Together, anything is possible.

Achieve a 39% reduction of 30-day readmission rate by allowing your residents to age in place
Gain the value of added onsite clinical support from advanced practice clinicians and registered nurses
Participate in a shared savings to bring dollars back into your community
Experience the difference of a CMS 5 star-rated plan
Give your residents access to a customized health plan to meet their unique needs

Leverage our experience to unlock:

Your personal health care advocate

We’re here to assist you every step of the way. With our Care Ally, members have a single point of contact to help schedule appointments, ensure smooth and safe transitions from hospital to home, and more. Dedicated to ensuring the member’s care experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Your wellness and preventive care manager

We proactively manage the care of your residents by responding to acute events as they take place.

Your on-site primary care solution

We provide members with access to care exactly when and how they need it. Our personal interdisciplinary care team providers tailored support to members offering $0 in-room or on-site primary care services based on the patient’s healthcare needs.

Your CMS 5-star Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan

We offer more coverage than Original Medicare with little to no additional cost for beneficiaries, such as PapaPals, BrainHQ, non-emergency transportation, over-the-counter items, groceries and more. Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans have the option to enroll year-round.

Choose a health plan designed for senior living residents

We provide an all-in-one health plan solution that includes tailored benefits, enhanced clinical care, and drug formularies to best meet the specific needs of residents in our partner communities. Our plans cover all Original Medicare benefits, bundled Part D coverage, and provider extra benefits not covered by Medicare. Most residents pay $0 premium.


I-SNPs – Institutional and Institutional-Equivalent Special Needs Plan

For long-term care eligible residents who would benefit from enhanced primary care services, a personal care coordinator, waiver of the Medicare three-day hospital stay (“skill in place”), and extra benefits like hearing aids, glasses, dental, companion care, and more.

D-SNP – Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan

For those who have both Medicare and Medicaid who would benefit from enhanced primary care services, a personal care coordinator, an allowance for OTC items, fitness subscriptions, groceries, and more.

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